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It isn’t always easy to figure out all the different pictograms, standards and quality marks. With the right help, you can find the necessary information on every package so you always make the best choice. Always follow the instructions in the manual for correct use.

Always pay close attention to all standards, which show the specific risks the product protects against.
Always protect yourself as well as possible. Choose the appropriate personal protective equipment for a specific task. This way you will not only work safely, but also better and more comfortably.

Work gloves

Many Busters gardening gloves and work gloves meet the EN 388:2016 standard. But what exactly does this standard mean?

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The EN 374 standard on work gloves from Busters means that the gloves protect against liquids. They can protect against ‘ordinary’ liquids, liquid chemicals, and microorganisms.

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Work footwear

The feet are the foundation of the body. They are very vulnerable, and indispensible in everything we do. With the right work shoes, you can work safely and comfortably. Always choose safe work shoes. The S standards help you make your choice.

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The SR certification on work shoes tells you how good the grip of the outer sole is. It is tested on different surfaces and with various liquids.

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Hearing protection

The EN 352 standard for earplugs and other hearing protection shows that the product protects adequately against noise.
The product is subjected to independent tests. Only ear plugs and ear muffs that pass these tests may bear the EN 352 standard.

SNR stands for Simplified Noise Reduction or Single Number Rating. Simply put, it means how much noise the ear plugs or other hearing protection attenuate.

Click here for more information about the EN 352 standards and SNR score

Safety glasses

Safety glasses that meet the EN 166 standard protect you against impact. The right safety glasses ensure that no splinters, spatter or other dangerous projectiles get into your eyes. An important condition is that the full pair of safety glasses meets the EN 166 standard. Only eye protection with lenses and the frame that meet the standard are EN 166 certified.

Click here for more information about the EN 166 standard

Dust mask

Work environments often conceal hazards that are not immediately recognised. These hazards can cause irreparable damage to your health, and in the worst case even be life-threatening. That makes it important to protect your respiratory passages as effectively as possible against the harmful effects of dust particles, gases, smoke and fumes that may be present in the ambient air.

The EN 149 standard for dust masks shows that they protect against dust, mist or fibres. The filters are tested to determine that they work properly (filter penetration, also called efficiency). Leakage around the edges, breathing resistance and the uptake capacity are also tested.

Click here for more information about the EN 149 standard

You will also find the code FFP on dust mask packaging. This stands for ‘filtering facepiece’.

Read all about the meaning of FFP here.

You will find the letters A, B, E, K and P on the replaceable filters for a dust mask or face mask. Each letter and corresponding colour represents the (toxic) substance the filter protects against. A, B, E and K are gases. P is dust particles. The number that is sometimes given with the letters is the gas filter class. This class indicates the maximum allowable concentration of the substance in the air.

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General for all PPE

Only choose PPE with a CE mark. Products with a CE mark meet all the requirements for health, safety, and the environment. They may be sold and used anywhere within the European Economic Area (EEA).

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Tip: Find the product you need in your nearest building supply centre or garden centre.

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