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I’m going to work with a grinder.

Grinding makes a lot of noise. Protect your hearing with the right ear protection and wear a face mask to protect yourself against all the dust that is comes free. At least wear a face mask with FFP3 filter, or better still a half face mask with valve. Protect your eyes with safety glasses. Always read and follow the instructions on the packages.

Tips & Tricks

See below for the ideal protective equipment to use while doing grinding work.


These multifunctional safety goggles with full closure have side slots for those who wear glasses and are specifically designed to be combined with a half facepiece.

View Sahara


These classic and budget-friendly dust goggles in plastic with a wide field of vision and direct ventilation through holes in the frame are excellent for grinding work.

View Mistral

Comfort earmuffs

These light and ergonomic earmuffs protect your ears while grinding and are form-fitting.

View Comfort earmuffs

Yuma FFP3 valve

The FFP3 face mask protects against solid and liquid toxic aerosols.

View Yuma FFP3 valve

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