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I want to wash my car comfortably.

Is your car ready for a good scour? With the right washing gloves, it will be an easy task. If you are working with chemical cleaning products, wear clothes with long sleeves and long legs and a face mask with an FFP3 filter. Wear safety goggles that are also closed along the side and gloves that can withstand chemicals. Always read and follow the instructions on the packages.

See below for the gloves that are best for washing the car. Make sure to also wear a face mask if you are working with chemicals.


These nylon washing gloves with long polyester tufts are ideal for washing the car.

View Carwash


These PVC gloves with a total length of 70 cm are perfectly waterproof and provide protection to the upper arm. Ideal for anyone who wants to wash their car thoroughly.

View Aqua

Cold Water

These latex gloves with a 100% cotton lining are 30 cm long and have excellent grip on dry and wet objects. Furthermore, these gloves provide protection against various chemicals and are perfectly liquid-tight.

View Cold Water

Yuma FFP3 with valve

The FFP3 face mask protects against solid and liquid toxic aerosols.

View Yuma FFP3


These classic and budget-friendly dust goggles in plastic with a wide field of vision and integrated air vents are excellent for grinding work.

View Mistral

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