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I want to prepare well for roofing work.

When working at height, the right fall protection – such as a harness – can make all the difference. Put on a helmet with chin strap and make sure it fits perfectly. Do not wear loose clothing. This could get caught on something, causing you to lose balance. Safety glasses are a must while sawing and also protect your eyes from the wind. Also, wear sturdy work shoes with a good anti-slip sole. Always read and follow the instructions on the packages.

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See what you need to be safe and well-prepared for roofing work below.

Brick & Stone

These gloves with very good abrasion and tear resistance with excellent grip
are perfect for working with tiles.

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Feel Good

These gloves are completely seamless, have excellent dry and wet grip and a perfect fit with good fingertip sensitivity. Exactly what you need for light installation work.

View Feel Good

Pisa Winter

These robust work gloves with an insulated warm inner lining are ideal when you have to go onto the roof on a cold day.

View Pisa Winter


These robust gloves in sturdy cow grain leather with a 9 cm cotton protective cuff are exactly what you need for roofing work.

View Industria

Builder high

These high work boots in water-resistant split leather with reflective details are perfect for working on a roof.

View Builder high

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