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I want to chop wood safely.

Before you start chopping wood, think about your own protection and a safe working environment. An axe is a dangerous tool. Wear good gardening gloves with adequate grip and extra padding on the palm. Put on safety footwear with steel toes. Ideally, you should also wear safety glasses for flying wood chips. Always read and follow the instructions on the packages.

Tips & Tricks

See below for the gloves that are suitable when chopping with an axe.

Garden Grip

These Nylon gloves with waterproof PVC-HPT coating on the palm are very comfortable to wear with the breathable back. The gloves provide good dry and wet grip with optimal fingertip sensitivity.

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These gloves made of synthetic leather have an ergonomic design, breathable back and are finished with absorbent towelling. Perfect if you don’t want to lose your grip on the axe, and they come in different colours.

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Pastel Grip

These cotton gloves with a colourful latex coating on the palm, a grooved texture for superior grip in dry and wet working conditions and good abrasive and tear resistance are exactly you need for chopping.

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Safety glasses

View our wide assortment of safety glasses and choose the one that fits you best.

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