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I want to enjoy doing odd jobs at home without worries.

Planning to do some odd jobs at home? First, always think about the right protection and a safe working environment. With a few minor precautions, you can keep odd jobs safe and enjoyable. For example, do you clean with strong chemical cleaning products such as bleach or acetone? If so, wear a face mask and glasses with closed sides to protect against spattering. Always wear cleaning gloves that protect your hands beyond the wrist.

If you wear thin nitrile disposable gloves during cooking, you can keep your hands from absorbing strong smells (onions or chives, for example) or discolouring (through coloured herbs such as turmeric). Always read and follow the instructions on the packages.

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See what protective equipment will protect you for jobs around the house here.

Soft Comfort

These high quality yellow latex household gloves have a soft sponge lining material for extra comfort. These gloves are suitable for household use with non-toxic cleaning agents and water.

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Magic Touch

These blue latex household gloves are also suitable for household use with non-toxic cleaning agents and water.

View Magic Touch


These gloves in extra heavy neoprene-latex with a 100% cotton lining provide medium level protection against a wide range of acids, corrosive substances, alcohols and a large number of solvents.

View Chemical


These disposable vinyl gloves are for single use.

View Vinyl


These latex gloves are also suitable for single use.

View Latex


Or perhaps you prefer these single-use nitrile gloves?

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Yuma FFP3 with valve

The FFP3 face mask protects against solid and liquid toxic aerosols.

View Yuma FFP3

Safety glasses

View our wide assortment of safety glasses and choose the one that fits you best.

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