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All dust masks from Busters meets the EN 149:2001 standard. But what exactly does this standard mean?

It isn’t always easy to figure out all the different pictograms, standards and quality marks. With the right help, you can find the necessary information on every package so you always make the best choice at the building supply store. Always follow the instructions in the manual for correct use.

EN 149

The EN 149 standard for dust masks shows that they protect against dust, mist or fibres. The filters are tested to determine that they work properly (filter penetration, also called efficiency). Leakage around the edges, breathing resistance and the uptake capacity are also tested.

You will also find the code FFP on dust mask packaging. This stands for ‘filtering facepiece’. Read all about the meaning of FFP here.


Always protect yourself as well as possible. Choose the appropriate personal protective equipment for a specific task. This way you will not only work safely, but also better and more comfortably.