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I want to mow the lawn comfortably.

If you’re going to mow the lawn with a mechanical lawnmower, the job will be a bit easier with the right gardening gloves. You’ll have better grip while at the same time protecting your hands from dirt. Safety shoes are also recommended to protect you from the slippery wet grass and any pieces of stone that may fly up.

Afterward, are you planning to work with the (wet) grass to process your mowing waste? Then, compost gloves or a watertight variant of gardening gloves are handy. Planning to work with a noisy lawnmower? Be sure to wear ear protection. Always read and follow the instructions on the packages.

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See below for the products that can make you comfortable when mowing the grass.


These gloves made of synthetic leather have an ergonomic design, breathable back and are finished with absorbent towelling. Ideal when operating a lawnmower; they come in different colours.

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These latex gloves with a slightly roughened texture and cotton lining provide excellent grip on dry and wet objects.

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Comfort Plus

These practical, foldable plastic earmuffs with patented technology attenuate the frequency range uniformly, allowing you to hear sounds quietly but true to nature. It provides the perfect protection at low and medium noise levels.

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This high-top, comfortable and trendy shoe in water-resistant leather with extra ankle protection is exactly what you need when working in the garden.

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