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I’m going to build a wall.

Choose work gloves with good fingertip sensitivity and enough grip. When you saw and sand the wall to the right proportions, it is best to wear a face mask. Always read and follow the instructions on the packages.

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All the protective equipment you need to build a wall safely is listed below.

Feel Good

These gloves are completely seamless, have excellent dry and wet grip and a perfect fit with good fingertip sensitivity. Exactly what you need for light installation work.

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These gloves give you a firm grip, high fingertip sensitivity and high cut resistance. Perfect when you have a lot of cutting work to do.

View Anti-Cut

Dust masks

Choose the dust mask that fits you best. With or without breathing valve. The valve provides lower exhalation resistance and low CO2 and moisture levels in the mask.

View the dust masks

Yuma FFP1 valve

The FFP1 face mask protects against larger particulate and is only suitable for protection against irritating, non-toxic substances.

View Yuma FFP1 valve

Yuma FFP3 valve

The FFP3 face mask protects against solid and liquid toxic aerosols.

View Yuma FFP3 valve


These extremely lightweight safety glasses without visible frame give you an excellent field of vision, which is exactly what you need when building walls.

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