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I want to keep my pond or pool nice.

If you’re going to work on a pool or pond, it’s best to wear especially developed Aqua gloves. This allows you to comfortably put your hands deep into the water. If you’re going to work with a fishing net, gloves with sufficient grip are handy. Always wear safety shoes with an anti-slip sole in an empty pool. Even when you walk past the water on the edge or terrace, anti-slip soles are a good idea.

Do you use corrosive products during maintenance? Wear protective clothing against chemicals, a face mask with an FFP3 filter and put on gloves that can withstand chemicals. Safety goggles that are also closed along the sides protect your eyes maximally. Always read and follow the instructions on the packages.

See below for the gloves that are best when doing swimming pool or pond maintenance.


These PVC gloves with a total length of 70 cm are perfectly waterproof and provide protection to the upper arm. Ideal for anyone dong work in a swimming pool or pond.

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These gloves in extra heavy neoprene-latex with a 100% cotton lining provide medium level protection against a wide range of acids, corrosive substances, alcohols and a large number of solvents.

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Garden Grip

These Nylon gloves with waterproof PVC-HPT coating on the palm are very comfortable to wear with the breathable back. The gloves provide good dry and wet grip with optimal fingertip sensitivity.

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