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I’m going to plant and sow.

Planning to work in the garden or vegetable patch? Suitable gardening gloves make the job a lot more enjoyable. Choose a light and breathable fabric on warm days. In cold temperatures, you’ll want a thicker and more insulating material around your hands. A water-repellent variant is certainly a good idea if you’re going to be digging in the soil. Choose the right fit and good fingertip sensitivity. Always read and follow the instructions on the packages.

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See below for the footwear and gloves that make working in the garden safe and comfortable.


These gloves made of synthetic leather have an ergonomic design, breathable back and are finished with absorbent towelling. They are exactly what you need for planting and transplanting work and come in different colours.

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Allround Flower

For those who like something a bit more floral, the Allround Flower is the right choice.

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Flower Grip

These gardening gloves are ideal for light gardening work such as planting and transplanting and the summery floral print immediately puts you in the right mood.

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This sporty, high-cut outdoor boot made of high-quality brown crazy horse/cow leather with extra ankle protection is exactly what you need for work in the garden.

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Knee pads

These knee pads can be inserted into your Comfort Work Trousers.

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