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I want to do some work on the sanitary facilities and/or the heating system.

Be sure to wear the right gloves. They should have good sensitivity and also choose a water-resistant type. Your work shoes should also be water-resistant and durable, with a scuff guard. If you also plan to saw pipes, be sure to protect your eyes and ears with safety goggles and earmuffs. Always read and follow the instructions on the packages.

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See below for an overview of all our gloves, footwear and knee pads that are suitable for plumbing work.


These PVC gloves with a total length of 70 cm are perfectly waterproof and provide protection to the upper arm.

View Aqua


These PVC gloves fits snugly at the wrist, are supple to wear and provide good grip.

View Ocean

Nitril Grip

These gloves with blue nitrile coating also fits snugly at the wrist and provide both fine fingertip sensitivity and a good grip and excellent abrasion resistance.

View Nitril Grip

Cold Water

With these latex gloves with a 100% cotton lining and a length of 30 cm, you have an excellent grip on dry and wet objects.

View Cold Water

Builder low

Wear these work shoes in water-resistant split leather with reflective details.

View Builder low

Knee pads

These knee pads can be inserted into your Comfort work trousers.

View Knee padsView Comfort work trousers

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