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I want to hang something up or assemble it carefully.

Hanging something up, or assembling it? Do not forget ear protection when you start working with a noisy drill. Wear a dust mask for the dust that is released when you drill into the wall and possibly safety goggles for pieces that may fly around. Comfortable gloves with finger sensitivity and sufficient grip are indispensable. Always read and follow the instructions on the packages.

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See below for the products that protect you during assembly work.

Pick Up

These gloves in goat grain leather with a perfect fit are excellent for light mechanical work.

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These gloves in goat grain leather are very comfortable with a perfect fit and high fingertip sensitivity. This makes them excellent for operating machines and doing finishing work.

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Nitril Fit

These nylon gloves with nitrile foam coating on the palm are completely seamless, are very comfortable to wear and have good grip on wet and oily objects.

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Or choose from the range of Precision gloves. Their fit and optimal fingertip sensitivity make them excellent for fine work.

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Safety glasses

View our wide assortment of safety glasses and choose the one that fits you best.

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Comfort earmuffs

These light and ergonomic earmuffs protect your ears while grinding and sawing and are form-fitting.

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